Our Services and Areas of Expertise

From a Variety of skills, qualifications and prospects we offer pro-efficient and deliver the following services in various areas of expertise and development. Find a courtesy to indulge in our delightful world of Consulting, Training, Outsourcing and Research.

Organization Development

With high Skills, Experience and Research we have been able to develop numerous organizations at length

Organization Design & Restructuring

Using high quality and brilliant grades VIPCG has done a lot in the aspect of Organization Development and Restructuring

Human Resource Management Systems

Human resource is a diverse sector and VIPCG has made a lot of progress and  developments relative to that sector and is still doing more about it

Change Management

Change is a constant and in creating a loop VIPCG has numerous change plans and has and is executing Change Factors

Program management

Programs run all sectors and in respect to that VIPCG has a series of programs in view and respect to all en-devours

Project Management

Successful Projects are delicate and is the nature of VIPCG to yield great results in various aspects of project management

Strategic Management Frameworks

VIPCG is an example of strategic development management framework and in this aspect is pro-efficient in delivering work done in time

Monitoring and Evaluation

In various aspects VIPCG has developed a lot of monitoring and evaluation protocols and modules to suit your needs

Business Process Documentation

VIPCG is a vivid business process documentation developer and has required capacities in Business Process Documentation

Business Process Automation

The automation industry is a basic factor in human en devours and VIPCG has a lot to offer in respect to this

Information Technology Integration & Management

Information & Communication Technology plays a vital role in everyday live, with that VIPCG has an equipped ICT team to proffer ICT Solutions

Bio-metric Identity Management

Cyber Security is vital for all ICT aspect and at that VIPCG has a state of the art capabilities to integrate systems into Identity Bio-metrics


VIPCG Corporate Development is delighted to have you contact us and your need based on what we do will be satisfied.