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Step-B Project Beneficiary Impact Study, Borrower’s Completion Report

Step-B Project Beneficiary Impact Study, Borrower’s Completion Report

The Federal Government of Nigeria accessed a Loan from the World Bank to implement the Science and Technology Education Post Basic Project (STEP B Project). The 5 year program was implemented by the Federal Ministry of Education across the Federal Government Educational Institutions across the 6 Geo-political zones in Nigeria. Its development objective was to produce more and better qualified science and Technology graduates and higher quality and more relevant science and Technology research, through Federal Post Basic Institutions.

As part of the lending requirement of the World Bank, VIPCG was contracted to conduct a Beneficiary Impact Assessment, produce a report and complete a Borrower Completion Report to be submitted to the World Bank.


  1. VIPCG undertook a project performance evaluation that unearthed the progress, the issues and challenges of project implementation, and identified selected PBEIs for additional funding. The project performance evaluation:
  2. Reviewed the PBEIs projects’ overall impact against their respective goals and objectives;
  3. Critically assessed the value and effectiveness of the outcomes and outputs against the intended outcomes/outputs of the project;
  4. Identified the challenges the PBEIs faced that could affect their overall performance and efficiency; and
  5. Identified and recommended the PBEIs that are good performers for additional funding.
  6. The Borrower Completion Report produced contained:
  • Appraisal of the project
  • Assessment of the Project outcomes against project plan
  • Assessment of risks
  • Assessment of Bank and Borrower’s performance on the project
  • Developing an understanding on Lessons learnt and recommending on Critical Success Factors for future projects
  • Client

    World Bank and Federal Ministry of Education
  • Date

    February - May 2013
  • Category