Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR) Strategic Management Retreat and Conflict Resolution

VIPCG facilitated the Strategic Management Retreat for the Board of Trustees (BoT) for the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research at Kini Hotels Akwanga, Nassarawa State. The highlights of the retreat included:

i. Review of the BoT’s activities
ii. Successes and failures of the Board
iii. Factors responsible for success and failure
iv. Challenges encountered by the BOT, the impact, way forward and how to
mitigate the impact of the challenges.
v. Conflict Resolution
vi. Development of Strategic Plans for the next fiscal year.
VIPCG used its expertise in Board Management in helping the Board clarify its powers through the Trust Deed. A road map was drawn for the purchase of the pool vehicle. Participants were trained on strategic management planning and were supported through the process of planning the BoT’s Objectives, Goals, Strategies and Work plans for 2013.

Below is a comment of one of the participants at the end of the retreat:

“The interactive, initiative and the versatility in knowledge of the resource person is worthy of emulation”

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