American University Nigeria (AUN) Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans are Management Tools used by organizations to optimize Organization-wide performance. Organizations often use strategic plans to set long term road-map. It forms the basis for developing action plans with specific roles and responsibilities and timeline. VIPCG was contracted by the American University of Nigeria, to develop a strategic plan for its Communication and Information Technology Division. We deployed our over 20 years of management experience in facilitating a participatory approach to Strategic Planning. The testimonials of participants speak volumes of the impact and result of the event. Below are some comments from participants:

– This retreat is the best time for me being the first time I would attend a seminar this good. I thank God.
– I count myself lucky to attend this seminar
– She made sense out of every activity, we learnt and had fun. It’s such a privilege
– I believe I will move from 30% to 110%, I will be the performer in this department.
Thank God you came and are doing this, the department has hope for the future
– Having a whole day without being bored, everything I have also learnt will make me a better person
– It’s a retreat like none, we did all the work and talk ourselves not just one facilitator
bringing ideas from the blues and teaching us. This retreat made me feel very important, valuable and appreciated
– This is my first retreat and it’s a free certificate, what we would have paid heavily to acquire out there.

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