USAID/SUWASA: Organization Development and Human Resource Strategy, Workshop for the State Water Agencies in Nigeria

About Project:

SUWASA is currently intervening in three States in Nigeria (Bauchi, Ebonyi and Rivers) and may widen to additional 3 or more States. As the reform process continues in the beneficiary States, it is evident that capacity of the benefiting agencies need to be enhanced in Organizational Development and Human Resource Management. Sustainability of the gains of the reform project is critical to SUWASA, hence the need for capacity building in critical areas at both utility and Government level. Even though each work plan is different for the States that were present at the Training, the focus is to equip participants with necessary skills and knowledge to drive the reform process in their respective states.

As a result of the Bauchi Organizational Development Project, the SUWASA regional Headquarters in Kenya contracted VIPCG to train Heads of Human Resource Department in selected Water Utility Agencies on key aspects of Organizational Development and Human Resource Management to drive reforms in the water Sector.


VIPCG developed and delivered a 5-day training workshop for participants from State
Water Agencies in Nigeria. The objective of the workshop was to increase the
knowledge of participants in critical aspects of Human Resource Management
and Organization Development. The impact is expected to be effectiveness and
sustainability of the transformed utility company.

The workshop was held at Reiz Hotel in Abuja. The following nine State Water
Agencies were in attendance:
1. Bauchi State
2. Ebonyi State
3. Ebony State
4. Ekiti State
5. Kaduna
6. Lagos State
7. Ogun State

SUWASA Team from the Regional Office in Nairobi and Nigeria were also in attendance. In
addition, representatives of the Federal Ministry of Water Resources were in attendance.
The Participants were trained on the following among the host of others:

i. Change Management and Stakeholder’s engagement in Organizational Development
ii. Performance Management
iii. Organizational Design- Design of Job Descriptions
iv. Assessment of Personality Types using assessment tools Participants rated the workshop 4 out of 5.

Posted on:

December 3, 2013


USAID/SUWASA: Organization Development and Human Resource Strategy. December 3-17 2013



1 Vicky Idoko-Pope
Lead Consultant, Lead Trainer

2 John Ibebunjo
2 nd Lead Trainer

3 Olushola John E.

4 Ayodele Josh Ibukun

5 Patrick Ini
Workshop Manager


Dennis Muanza, Chief of Party, SUWASA

Engr john Hossana Dajan, Team Leader, SUWASA Bauchi

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