USAID/SUWASA: Ebonyi State Water Reform Project

About Project:

The Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) is a program funded by the U.S.
Agency for International Development (USAID). SUWASA implemented a two-year reform
project to improve the delivery of water and sanitation services to the urban areas of Ebonyi
State, Nigeria. SUWASA’s intervention is targeted at addressing a wide range of challenges that
prevent the Ebonyi State Water Corporation (EBSWC) from providing adequate water and
sanitation services to its population.
In a bid to provide support performance improvement programmes in EBSWC by nurturing and
building the capacity of top management through collaborative management of organizational
culture based on best practices. SUWASA contracted VIPCG to provide technical assistance for
organizational development for Ebonyi State Water Corporation.


Project Deliverables
i. Ebonyi State Water Corporation Restructuring Report
ii. Human Resource Development Strategy
iii. Change Management Strategy
iv. Sample Performance Contract Templates and Monitoring Guidelines
v. Final report including Implementation Strategy and Action Plan

Work Activities

a. Organizational Review (already completed) which involves
Review and analysis of the existing mission, vision. values, organizational structure,
adopted operational systems and procedures in reference to the mandate vested on
EBSWC, basic laws, regulations and directives relating to the Ebonyi State WASH policy
in general and identify shortfalls. VIPCG also reviewed and analyzed and evaluated the implementation of reform measures initiated by SUWASA or other partners including
review of existing reports and findings from workshops. We also conducted staff
assessments, as well as a review of the compensation system

b. Human Resources Strategy (Ongoing) which involves development of job profiles; job descriptions; conduct a survey on remuneration and incentive packages offered by other
water utilities within the country and develop a new compensation system; and develop
performance contracts for the area offices; and develop an action plan for implementation.

Posted on:

May 19, 2014


USAID/SUWASA: Ebonyi State. May 19, 2014-August 19, 2014



1 Vicky Idoko-Pope
Lead Consultant, Organizational Development, Institutional Reforms Expert, Human Resource Management

2 Olushola John E.
2 nd Lead Consultant, Institutional Reform Specialist and organization design and restructuring.

3 Patrick Ini
Project Manager, Organizational Review, and report writing

4 John Ibebunjo
Human Resource Specialist. HR Design, Performance Management,
Organizational review and analysis, report writing and workshop facilitation


Mark Adeyemi, Team Lead, SUWASA Ebonyi

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