USAID/SUWASA –Bauchi State Water Reform Project

About Project:

Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) is a six-year regional initiative launched in September 2009 and financed by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). In Nigeria, SUWASA is currently implementing a three-year reform project in Bauchi State. The focus of the project is to design, promote and implement urban water sector reforms leading to improved governance and access to safe, affordable and sustainable water services in Bauchi. The reforms are expected to bring positive changes in terms of transparency, autonomy, efficiency and effectiveness in the urban water sector; specifically in the way water and sanitation services are being managed. Some of the changes also include corporatisation of the Bauchi State Water Board to become the Bauchi State Water and Sewerage Corporation (BSWSC) and establishment of a regulatory unit at the State Ministry of Water Resources. VIPCG has successfully undertaken work on corporatization and institutionalizing the reforms. The work was planned in two phases and is being implemented over a period of one year.


1. Phase One: Organizational review and design of organizational development documents, and design of human resource strategies. The Statement of Work included:

a. Organizational Review
b. Developing Human Resources Development Strategy,
c. Developing Job Profiles
d. Developing Remuneration and Incentive 
e. Developing Performance contracts with Area Offices
f. Change Management.

2. Phase Two: Implementation of the organization design, institutional reforms,
Restructuring of the Bauchi State Water Board, Human Resource Strategies.
a. Desk review of all design documents and completed reforms projects
b. Development of transition plan
c. Restructuring of the BSWB into the BSWSC.

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August 1, 2013


US Agency for International Development (USAID). In Nigeria, SUWASA - August 2013-October 2014



1 Vicky Idoko-Pope
Lead Consultant, Organizational Development, Institutional Reforms Expert, Human Resource Management

2 Olushola John E.
2 nd Lead Consultant, Institutional Reform Specialist and organization design and restructuring.

3 Austin Obida
Project Manager, Organizational Review, and report writing, Hausa Language

4 John Ibebunjo
Human Resource and Organization Development Specialist. HR Design, Performance Management, Organizational review and analysis, report writing and workshop facilitation

5 Agatha Ukwenya Thomas
Performance Management, Analysis, report writing and co-facilitator at workshops.


Engr John H. Dajan: SUWASA Bauchi Team Leader

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