National Identity Management Commission (NIMC)

About Project:

NIMC is an agency under the office of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. NIMC has offices all over the 36 states of Nigeria, and the Federal Capital Territory. NIMC was established by the NIMC Act of 2007. The Act provides for the establishment of the NIMC, its functions, powers, establishment of the National Identity Database, assignment and use of General Multi-purpose cards, and the National Identification Number (NIN) and the harmonization and integration of existing identity databases. The Act also provides the Commission with powers to make regulations connected with its functions. The NIMC Act 2007 includes the repeal of the law that created the former Department of National Civic Registration (DNCR) and the transfer of its assets and liabilities to the NIMC. VIPCG was contracted to

1) Review the DNCR and assist in developing a process for winding down the defunct Agency

2) Design new organizational structure, human resource policies, and job descriptions for the NIMC

3) Provide technical assistance in implementation of the organizational designs and help with the build out of NIMC’s Structure, Management and Operational Systems and Processes, and Human Resource Management Systems.



The work completed under this phase included :

1) Conduct first Strategic Planning Retreat to develop a work plan for the wind down of the DNCR  and a chart a course for the development of the NIMC as an organization.

2) Conduct a staff audit and verification to ascertain quality and capacity of the staff of the DNCR to decide those to be retained in NIMC, separated or returned to the Civil Service pool

3) Develop a transition strategy for moving from the DNCR to the NIMC


Design of the new organization, including:

1. Organizational Structure
2. Organizational Strategic Management Framework
3. Work Plans, Human Resource Management Strategy and Processes.
4. Human Resource Policies, Schemes of Service, Conditions of Service, Job Profiles, Job Descriptions, and Compensation Structure.
5. NIMC-wide Performance Management System
6. Separation Strategy to remove excess, unqualified, inappropriate employees from the organization.
7. Staffing strategy and recruitment plans to fill the new organization’s structure.


Implementation of Organization Design including:

1. Employee Assessment and Placement in the New Structure.
2. Implementation of Separation Strategy to remove excess, unqualified, inappropriate employees from the organization.
3. Implementation of Staffing strategy and recruitment plans to fill the new organization’s structure
4. Development and implementation of staff induction programme.
5. Development of training curriculum and content for the Enrollment and Registration Center Staff (employees that are responsible for the registration and bio-metric capturing of legal citizens and residents of Nigeria).
6. Development of trainer corps to continue with Training of new staff
7. Implementation of performance management system
8. Management and presentation of designs, plans, and implementation reports to the Board’s Establishment Committee for information and approval
9. Coaching of management staff on implementation
10. Change management

VIPCG also facilitated various employee training such as ‘train the trainers’ workshop for
personnel who will train the staff of the Enrollment and Registration Centers.

Posted on:

August 1, 2008


National Identity Management Commission (NIMC). August 2008 till date (3 Phases)



1 Vicky Idoko-Pope
Lead Consultant

2 Austin Obida
2 nd Lead Consultant, Implementation

3 Umar Abubakar
OD Design, Implementation

4 John Ibebunjo
Trainer, Performance Management

5 Olushola John. E.
Trainer, OD Designs

6 Josh Ayodele Ibukun
Trainer, OD Designs, Implementation

7 Sam Oye
Facilitator, Strategic Planning

8 Emmanuel Cole
Facilitator, Strategic Planning, Organizational Reform

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