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We are an internationally recognized institution and organization development consulting firm established in 1999 in New York City.  Our offices are located in New York, USA and Abuja, Nigeria.




Our mission is to provide top-shelf solutions and interventions that develop and strengthen institutions and build viable organizations in the public sector. Our focus is on developing countries and emerging economies.


We aspire to be a leader in institutional and organizational development in Africa by focusing on public sector reforms. By 2020 VIPCG's impact will be felt in all major reforms within Sub-Saharan Africa.

Core Values

  • Exceptional Service Delivery

Clients rely on us to deliver results that shift them from their current state to a state that is strategic to the achievement of mission-critical results. Our interventions are developed, designed, and implemented with exceptional quality and exceptional service.

  • Pursuit of Innovation in Institutional and Organizational Development

The field of Institutional and Organizational Development is evolving, especially with the introduction of Information Communication Technology. We also recognize that the environment in which our clients function is constantly changing. We are constantly engaged in research to evolve new and more effective methods and technology to better serve our clients' unique needs.

  • Value Delivery for the Client and for VIPCG

At the intersection of the client's financial and non-financial investment in each assignment and our need for success as an organization, lies our motivation to achieve desired results by all means for the client and VIPCG. We work to ensure that clients receive a positive return on their investment and for VIPCG to attain high impact and leave a lasting legacy that translates to financial success and repeat business.

  • Integrity in Our Dealings with Clients and One Another

Our truth is that we are working to make the world a better place by making public organizations more effective in meeting the needs of all stakeholders. We believe that integrity in our dealings with the client and each other is a non-negotiable element in achieving this.

  • Teamwork and a Collaborative Approach with the client

We believe that VIPCG and the client are a team in each successful assignment we undertake. The client knows his business, operations, and stakeholders best but we have the best professional know-how to make him more effective, and more impactful in achieving mission-critical results.


We are in the business of building effective, sustainable, and viable public sector organizations by providing interventions in systems, structure, processes, and technology integration.

We develop hard and soft processes and systems in various areas including  Institutional Documents, establishment of the organization and its programs, businesses, and operations based on these documents, build technological systems, and all aspects of Human Capital management.

We adopt an existential approach to intuitional and organizational development because we believe that is the best approach to achieve lasting impact. We are schooled in the NTL approach to organizational development and trained in the Harvard Business School approach to institutional development.


Our services are delivered on three platforms

  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Training


Our consultants are educated, trained and experienced in various specialized areas of  institutional and organizational development with a combined 250 years of work experience.

  • Senior Consultants: have a  Minimum of Masters Degree in area of Specialization and Minimum of 15 Years of experience
  • Consultants I: have a  Minimum of Bachelors Degree and 10 years Experience
  • Consultants: have a  Minimum of Bachelors Degree and 5 Years experience
  • Junior Consultants: have a  Minimum of Bachelors Degree and Below 5 years of experience


Our clients are mostly public and government institutions involved in reforms and transformation. We work on projects funded through International Development Agencies as well as projects funded by Governments.  We have worked on Water Sector Reforms, Aviation, IdentityManagement, Aviation, Insurance, Pension, Governance Reforms, and Infrastructural Development sectors and projects.



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